Discover what you can do on your organization dashboard including adding Spaces, inviting teammates and viewing activity.


| If you need help, browse the Help Center, or leave us a message on the chat widget.


What is an organization dashboard?

Your dashboard is the control panel for your organization. You can always access it by clicking on the mtribes logo in the top left-hand corner of your screen. This is your main dashboard, not to be confused with your Space dashboard, which is Space specific.

| All teammates have access to your organization's dashboard, but their view may differ according to your permission settings.

What can I do with my dashboard?

On screen, administrators can:

You'll find two dropdown menus in the top right-hand corner if you hover over the icons. Menu items will vary according to your permission settings. Administrators will see all items in their menu list.

  1. The user menu lets you:

  • View your account details

  • Sign out of your account

  • View activity metrics

  • Go to your settings

  • Access teammates and permissions

  • Add a new organization¬†

  • Switch between organizations

2. The help menu lets you:

  • Visit the Help center (you are here now)

  • Go to System status updates

  • View the Product roadmap

Delve deeper into the organization activity metrics found on your dashboard, check out our article on how to invite teammates or learn how to set up your first Space.

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