Discover what you can do on your Space dashboard - includes an introduction to metrics and data.


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What's a Space dashboard?

The Space dashboard is the control panel for your Space. At the top of the page, you’ll find a current user and visitor count complemented by a growth indicator across the last 30 days. The dashboard also displays a range of user metrics and insights and contains quick links to relevant areas within the app.

You can also access the user and help menus from the dashboard. These are located on the right-hand side of the main navigation bar:

  • The user menu – gives you access to the Teammates page where you can invite teammates to join your Space and/or manage teammate permissions, access your account settings, switch between organizations or sign out from your session.

  • The help menu – gives you access to this Help center, and the System status page.

What metrics are available on my dashboard?

Once mtribes is integrated with your application, you’ll have access to valuable user data, which is displayed across three key areas on your Space dashboard.

These three key areas are:

  • Key user insights – this section highlights important groups of users like Active or At risk, and their engagement from the last 30 or 60 days (depending on the metric). Each metric is accompanied by a growth indicator so you can easily see positive or negative changes.

  • Tribe metrics – this section highlights your Most active and Least active Tribes from the last 30 days and is updated every hour to keep your data current. There is also a quick link which takes you to the main Tribes page.

  • Experience metrics – this section highlights the Most served and Least served Experiences from the last 7 days. Also, the Most improved and Least improved Experiences from the last 7 days. These numbers are updated hourly to reflect the actions of your users and visitors.

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