Learn what audience Tribes are, how to set them up and how to manage them.


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What's a Tribe? 

A Tribe is an audience group within a Space, who share common traits like demographics, behavior, interests, or any other defining characteristic from your database. Grouping your users and visitors together into Tribes will help you gain a deeper understanding of key audiences and surface opportunities.

How do I access the Tribes page?

Sign in to your mtribes account and open the Space you want to work in. Next, open the Tribes page using the vertical navigation on the left-hand side of the screen. We've set up several sample Tribes in a range of popular categories to help you get started quickly. You can configure and customize these to suit your needs or add new Tribes and/or new categories.

How do I create a Tribe?

  • Add a new Tribe to an existing category - move your cursor to the last sample Tribe card in any category and click + Tribe to add a new one. You can add a maximum of 50 Tribes per category. Next, click on the card to open the details page, where you can set Tribe rules or visually customize the Tribe card. 

  • Add a Tribe to a new category - hover your cursor at the bottom of any category to see the + Category function. Then click to add a new category, give it a name and use the + Tribe function to set Tribe rules or visually customize the Tribe card.

  • Reorder your cards or categories - drag-and-drop your Tribe cards to their new position in the same category or to a new category. Or reorder entire categories by holding down on the drag handle next to the category name, and dragging and dropping to the desired position. 

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