Discover what metrics and insights are available on your organization dashboard.


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What is my organization dashboard?

Your dashboard is the control panel for your organization. It’s where you can view, track and compare insights once mtribes is integrated with your app. This document looks at the metrics and insights available on your organization dashboard.  

| All teammates have access to the organization's dashboard, but their view may differ according to permission settings. 

What metrics are available on my dashboard? 

The dashboard displays metrics and insights for all the Spaces within a specific organization. To switch between Spaces, use the Space selector in the top left-hand corner located just above your metric boxes. To switch between organizations, click open the user-related menu in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar - represented by a circle icon with a letter inside. 

Metrics include:

  • Active users - the number of active users/visitors within the last 30 days 

  • Served Experiences - the total number of Experiences served to end users

  • Tracked events - the total number of captured end user activity events

  • Users - the total number of identified customers in your organization

  • Visitors - the total number of unidentified customers in your organization

  • New users - the number of users who have become active in the last 30 days

Scroll further down the page and you’ll see a Devices and location column chart. You can switch between devices or location, and filter by Active user, Served Experiences or Tracked events during the last 7-, 30- and 90-day period. 

Next, you’ll find an All metrics chart. This combination chart allows you to compare metrics and insights from the last 7-, 30- and 90-day period. Performance increases are highlighted in green text and decreases are highlighted in red text.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a Usage stats summary displaying how many active Spaces, teammates, Tribes, Collections, Experiences and Scenarios you currently have set up. 

Learn how to set up your audience Tribes, how to configure Tribe rules for tracking and how to customize Tribe cards.  

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