Tribe rules | Update button

  • We've introduced an Update button to the Tribe details page, which will allow you to explicitly save any changes you make to your Tribe rules. This gives you the opportunity to confirm the changes you've made before it affects the targeting of any associated Experiences.

  • A message modal will appear to let you know which of the Experiences will be affected by the new rules - just to be sure.

Tribe categories | Layout re-design

  • The Tribe cards' layout has a brand new look. The category layout now includes a horizontal scroll for better visibility of both Tribes and categories.

Tribe categories | Drag and drop

  • The drag-and-drop function for reordering Tribes and categories has been refreshed. We think it feels much smoother to use. Hope you do too!


| For more information on mtribes, take a look at Help Center, or leave us a message on the chat widget below.

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