Teammates | Invite teammates modal

Invite teammates

We've improved the Invite teammates modal, which is used to invite new members to join the team. This feature can be accessed by administrators from the organization dashboard or the Teammates page.

  • Bulk email invitations - administrators can now invite multiple users by entering multiple email addresses into the email box, separating them with a comma.

  • Make admin - ticking the checkbox located underneath the email address box allows you to invite the entire email group as administrators. 

Teammates | View status of teammates

Administrators can view the status of teammates and invitations on the Teammates page. This feature can be accessed through the organization dashboard.

Teammates are grouped into three categories. You can switch between views using the dropdown menu to see the status of teammates. 

  • Active - users who are currently registered (default view). 

  • Invited - users with a pending invitation. 

  • Inactive - users who were registered but have been deactivated.  

Teammates | Manage teammate access

Administrators can now manage teammate access and invitations from one place.

  • Deactivate - this will restrict all access to mtribes. An administrator cannot deactivate themselves. 

  • Reactivate - this will reinstate access and former permissions.

  • Make admin - the teammate will become an administrator and have full privileges.  

  • Remove admin - this will remove administrator rights and all associated privileges. Administrators cannot update themselves. 

  • Revoke invite - this will revoke a pending invitation. 

  • Remove invite - this will delete an expired invitation. 

  • Resend invite - this will resend an invitation for pending or expired invitees. 

Account settings | Change password

Users now have the possibility to change their password. This feature can be accessed through the user dropdown menu located on the navigation bar - under Account settings.

Teams and Permissions | Edit default permissions 

We’ve released a new Manage teammate permissions modal, which allows you to edit the default permission settings for all teammates across your organization. 

When permission is granted, your teammates: 

  • Can create and manage Tribes – create new Tribes, apply parameters or filters, create and edit categories and update these changes.  

  • Can delete Tribes – delete Tribes and/or categories from the Space. 

  • Can publish Experiences – schedule Scenarios and publish Experiences.  

  • Can access, create and manage templates – create new Experience and Collection templates and manage their configuration, create and edit categories and update these changes.  

  • Can delete templates – delete templates and/or categories from the Space.  

  • Can access developer section and tools – access the developer documentation and tools. 


| For more information on mtribes, take a look at our Help Center, or leave us a message on the chat widget below. 

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