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Q: What is mtribes?
A: mtribes is a SaaS platform for real-time audience experience control, targeting and insights. mtribes can help you identify how your audience engages with your service, create personalized customer experiences and measure the results of performance and activity.

Q: Who are the typical users of mtribes?

A: We expect content operators and marketers will use mtribes on a daily basis - to segment audiences, personalize digital experiences, experiment with UX and traffic allocation, and learn from real-time insights.

To set mtribes up, a developer will need to model a template of their app in mtribes. Then using our CLI, generate code for their specific platforms and integrate with mtribes. Once this is done, the content operator or marketer can take control of their app using the mtribes interface.

Q: What type of analytics do you capture?
A: mtribes is not intended to replace your BI platform but rather augment it with highly targeted metrics around user and feature engagement. At a base level, this includes metrics for Tribe activity and Experiences being served.

Custom events can be sent via the SDK to track and monitor any customer-specific metrics of interest, e.g. item/offer clicked, video viewed, and purchase completed.

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