Tribe rules | Location filter

Tribes can be configured for tracking by selecting from a range of segmentation rules related to audience attributes and behaviors. We've improved the 'Location' attribute to include a country dropdown list. The Location menu is located under the Attributes tab on the Tribe details page, and features a new auto-complete function for easier searching.

Experiences | UX improved

We've been doing some 'under the hood' improvements to make it easier for you to fill in details when setting up your targeting. We've tweaked the UX and improved the error messaging for the below components:

  • Sections

  • Scenarios

  • Properties - Date & Time, Select, Color, Tags, Text and Url

This should make recognizing when fields are required, or correctly/incorrectly filled in much quicker!


| For more information on mtribes, take a look at our Help Center, or leave us a message on the chat widget below.

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