Tribe details page | UX improvements incl. new Activity graph

Tribe data can be viewed in several ways – via your Space dashboard, as a summary on the Tribe card or as a more detailed visual report on the Tribe details page. In this release, we focused on redesigning the Tribe details page to enhance the user experience:

  • An Activity chart has been added to the page, which shows the active users within this Tribe per day for the past 30 days. There are 30-day waypoints and when hovered over, the exact date and the total active number of users are shown giving you easier insight into most or least active days.

  • The User/Visitor radial graph has been restyled to improve the visualization of the data. This graph displays a breakdown of every Tribe rule applied, as a percentage of the estimated audience size, and changes dynamically as you edit your rules.

  • A persistent edit icon is now shown on the Tribe card, which highlights the sometimes overlooked customize functionality. If you click on the edit icon, a Customize screen opens where you can modify your card by adding a themed wallpaper, bespoke color, relevant logo and more.

  • Editable fields like rules and filters are now highlighted when selected, to help you distinguish between them and supporting copy on the page, making it easier to scan and identify your choices.

Tribe rules | Continent filter

Tribes are configured for tracking by selecting from a range of segmentation rules and filters related to audience behaviors and attributes. We’ve improved the Location attribute by including a Continent dropdown menu.


| For more information on mtribes, visit our Help Center, or leave us a message on the chat widget.

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