In this release, we reviewed and raised our current entity limits for Scenarios.

Our goals were to ensure that we support more customer use cases, improve page performance and response times for end users, and optimize user interface messaging.

What is a Scenario?

A Scenario is an Experience that has been configured for a specific audience Tribe and/or scheduled for a specific date and time. A default Scenario exists for each Experience instance. This is the default state of the Experience that will be served to your entire audience unless you add another Scenario variant.

What are the new entity limits for Scenarios?

  • A total of 40 (incl. active & inactive) Scenarios per Experience

This limit allows for many Scenarios to be created per Experience, while ensuring optimal page performance.

  • A total of 2000 (active) Scenarios per Space

This limit allows for many Scenarios to be created per Space, while meeting high performance standards when a Software Development Kit (SDK) loads in the correct Scenario for all Experiences in the Space.

What if I need to create more Scenarios?

If you need to add more Scenarios to an Experience but have reached the 40 limit, the + Scenario button is disabled, and you will need to delete one before proceeding.

If you need to add more Scenarios to a Space but have reached the 2000 limit, you will be notified on the page. You can then go ahead and create them, but they will remain inactive by default until you disable or delete an already active Scenario.


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