In this document, we look at how to define and edit a custom primary metric to measure the success of your Scenarios.


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What is a primary success metric?

On mtribes, a primary metric is used to measure the success rate of your Scenario activity. Scenarios are digital Experiences, which are configured and served to specific Tribes. This activity is tracked, and the data is displayed according to the primary metric you've selected. The primary metric represents a key business measure for determining the success of a specific activity.

The primary metric is set during the build of your Experience template. You can select and set it using the Primary metric dropdown menu found on the right-hand side of the page. The default metric is set on Traffic (30 days). Clicking the menu open will reveal an extensive list of available metrics and event types to choose from.


  • Traffic (30 days)
  • Served (30 days)
  • Reach
  • Ad / Clicked
  • Product / Viewed
  • Coupon / Applied
An mtribes Experience template showing properties, with the primary metric menu closed.

How do I define a custom primary metric?

To define your own primary success metric, scroll down to the bottom of the Primary metric dropdown menu until you see + Custom metric. Clicking this will open a modal on the screen that prompts you to enter an Event type.

There are certain formatting rules to note when entering your event type:

Once you’ve entered your event type successfully, click on Create and this will become your new primary metric. This is now the default measure for determining how your Scenarios are performing. The view can be temporarily changed on the Scenario side, so your schedulers can use another metric to compare activity, but this will revert to the (default) primary metric view once closed.

An mtribes Experience template with properties showing the primary metric open.

How do I edit a custom primary metric?

You may want to change the key measure for determining the success of your Scenario activity. You can do this by returning to the Experience template, scrolling down to the bottom of the Primary metric dropdown menu, and clicking on the edit icon next to your current metric.

This will open a modal that allows you to enter a new event type. Remember to adhere to the formatting rules above. Next, click Update and your new event type will become your primary metric.

An mtribes Experience template with the edit custom metric modal open.

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