This document contains the full list of reserved category names that may not be used when defining your own primary metric from a custom metric event type.


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An introduction to reserved category names

A primary metric is set during the build of your Experience template. You can select one from an existing list of metrics and event types, or you can define your own primary metric from a custom event type.

During the process of creating your custom metric, you are requested to enter an Event type. There are certain rules that apply:

  • it must be entered in string format
  • it must be written out as: category/action
  • it cannot include a reserved category name

Reserved category names are categories that already exist or are reserved by mtribes. If you attempt to use one of these words, you will be informed by an error message and asked to choose another category name.

Reserved category names


  • mtribes/anything
  • ___UI/anything
  • sdk/anything


  • list/viewed
  • list/clicked
  • list/filtered
  • item/searched
  • item/clicked
  • item/viewed
  • item/shared
  • item/rated
  • item/reviewed
  • item/removed
  • item/added
  • video/started
  • video/playing
  • video/completed
  • promotion/served
  • promotion/viewed
  • promotion/clicked
  • ad/viewed
  • ad/clicked
  • ad/started
  • ad/playing
  • ad/completed
  • ad/skipped
  • ad/closed
  • user/signed_up
  • user/signed_in
  • user/signed_out
  • product/updated
  • product/clicked
  • product/viewed
  • product/removed
  • product/added
  • checkout/started
  • checkout/step_viewed
  • checkout/step_complete
  • checkout/completed
  • checkout/canceled
  • coupon/entered
  • coupon/applied
  • coupon/denied
  • coupon/removed
  • sequence/started
  • sequence/step_viewed
  • sequence/step_complete
  • sequence/completed
  • sequence/canceled
  • notification/served
  • notification/viewed
  • notification/clicked

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