We're excited to announce that the mtribes SDK for Roku has been released!

SDK | Roku v1.0.0-alpha.10

Roku is one of the industry leaders in digital streaming devices, and this release means that developers can now also use mtribes in their Roku apps, alongside Android and iOS.

Our Roku SDK offers full support for the following:

  • Client configuration

The mtribes Client is a top-level object for configuring your mtribes SDK.

A Client instance is generated along with your Mtribes instance and can be accessed via the global app scope.

  • Session priming

Before accessing an Experience, it's important to start a session for the active user, so we can serve them personalized states.

  • Experience access

With the session primed, you can now check whether Experiences modeled in the Space are enabled for a user, and if so, what custom data properties have been defined for them.

  • Section iteration

Sections contain a list of child Experiences defined at runtime by a Scheduler in the mtribes platform. You can iterate over these child Experiences and render each in turn, depending on its type.

  • Monitoring changes

The state of an Experience or Section may change for a user during their session. You can monitor these changes and reflect them in your code.

  • Tracking behavior

To help you gather user analytical behavioral patterns associated with an Experience, we expose a track function.

  • Trusted identity

Trusted Identity helps ensure the authenticity of users identified into your mtribes Space. View our comprehensive Trusted Identity guide to understand what this is and how to enable it.

SDK | Download and documentation

The mtribes Roku SDK is automatically installed through our CLI. Full documentation is also available, which explains how to integrate an mtribes Space into your Roku application.


| For more info on mtribes, browse the Help Center, or leave us a message on the chat widget.

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