This document describes what user tags are, how you can use them in segmentation, and how to ingest them into your Space.


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What are user tags and how can I use them?

Previously called Labels, User tags assign a set of tags to each user. They are persistent to the user, do not vary across devices and make it possible to synchronize existing user segmentation from your CRM or other location. These can be used in your targeting activities.

For example, a user tag identifying customers-in-trial could be used to create and target Tribes to uncover what motivates your customers to stay on past their free/trial period.

Tribe details page open with user tags filter open and customer status highlighted.

How do I manage user tags?

To view and manage user tags that have been ingested, you must be an administrator or developer. To access, sign in to your mtribes account and open the Developer section in the left-hand side panel. Select the User tags tab where all tags are presented in alphabetical order, or use the search functionality to quickly and easily find tags.

How do I add new user tags?

User tags can be imported through our Platform API or entered manually on mtribes.

Ingesting user tags through our Platform API

User tags can be ingested with our Platform API in string (characters) format. Ingesting user tags in this way is ideal for bringing your existing user segmentation into mtribes, and is typically the best method for large amounts of user data.

Adding user tags manually

User tags can also be added via the mtribes platform. Adding tags manually is well suited for testing purposes and not typically used for large amounts of user data. Tags can be created, targeted and then deleted to gain customer insights.

Add a tag to a user:

  1. Go to the Developer section in the left-hand side panel

  2. Open the Users & visitors tab

  3. Select or search for a user or visitor ID (information panel opens)

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the information panel

  5. Enter a tag and click on the + button to add your tag (see rules below)

User tag rules:

  • Must be entered in string (characters) format

  • Must not include capitalization of any characters

  • Must include a ‘/ ’ to separate each level of hierarchy

  • Can include up to three layers of hierarchy i.e. sports/football/australia

Users and visitors page open showing the information panel and add tags button.

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