We’re pleased to announce that it's now possible to export user event data from our platform. This release marks the first category of exportable user data on mtribes.


What’s been released?

You can now set up a recurring export and/or create one-off historical exports of event data. Read on to learn more about export types.

Recurring exports

Set up a recurring export to receive regular data uploads. Incremental exports will capture fluctuations in your event data and can be paused at any time.

One-off exports

Create one-off exports to capture user event activity from campaigns and other significant periods. One-off exports can retrieve user data from the past 30 days in accordance with mtribes GDPR compliance.

Export to Amazon S3 bucket

Event data will be exported to a nominated Amazon S3 bucket. You can change the Amazon S3 bucket nominated to your Space at any time. An optional bucket path can help keep your user data organized within your bucket.

Why export my event data?

Exporting your event data to a nominated Amazon S3 bucket means you can easily use other data processing tools, or simply store your user data safely.


Learn more about how to set up your bucket and start exporting your event user data.


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