Today, after the squashing of several bugs and chasing of proverbial chickens, we're pleased to announce the release of our Platform API v1.0 with authentication via personal access token.

Read on for the short and sweet summary, or dive directly into our documentation:


Introducing our Platform API v1.0

Our Platform API enhances and extends the functionality of mtribes for your business.

When your application is integrated with our Platform API, you can ingest user data from a CRM or other location, ingest customer segments from your user base (user tags) and export segmentation data (Tribes) for downstream personalization in 3rd party tools.

Key features:

Personal access tokens allow authorized users to securely access our Platform API. These tokens work in a similar way to OAuth tokens. This release includes the ability to generate and revoke a token through the account details page on mtribes.

These endpoints allow you to retrieve the list of organizations that you’re a member of, the list of Spaces in those organizations and their relevant users and Tribes.

Users can be added or updated by ingesting their details into a Space. If they don’t already exist, they will be added this way. If they do already exist, their record will be updated.

Ingest segments from your user base and use them to create Tribes and in targeting activities. User tags are ingested via the Platform API but can also be manually assigned via the mtribes UI for testing purposes etc.

  • Export Tribe users

Export a list of users and their attributes from a Tribe to use for targeting in external systems.

This includes a table showing a list of status codes across endpoints, and when you can expect to see them. Each resource defines the primary status codes you should look to handle for that endpoint.

Platform API documentation is available including code snippets and samples.

What's next?

Keep an eye out for future releases, including:

  • Personal access token scopes – tokens are currently scoped to the user’s access rights. We’re working on extending this functionality to include limitation per specific organization, Space or action.

  • Export Tribe users - we are working on adding functionality in the mtribes UI for downloading this data.


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