mtribes is a collaborative workspace, so it’s possible to find yourself working on the same content at the same time as your co-workers. In this release, we’ve worked on minimizing conflicts in editing, by introducing new user experience and user interface messaging.

Key features

We’ve added real-time timestamps and introduced new user interface elements and messaging to prevent editing conflicts on our Tribe, Scenario, Experience and Collection template pages. These changes mean that you are now alerted to other teammates simultaneously modifying content and can act accordingly.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve introduced:

Teammate avatars

We’ve added teammate avatars to the top of our pages, so you’ll know when another member of your organization is viewing the same content as you. To find out who they are, hover over the initial or numbered avatar.

Page status indicator

We’ve introduced a page status indicator that communicates if the page you are working on is Up to date or Out of date. This message updates in real time, so you can rely on it to know if the page you’re working on is the latest version.

Notifications to refresh or dismiss changes

New notifications alert you to changes made by other teammates and inform you of the consequences of actions. For example, you’ll be informed of the impact if you refresh or close an edit, so that you can act accordingly.

Supporting documentation

To unpack our new user experience and user interface messaging, we spoke with our UI Architect Casper Smith about the solution to potential co-editing conflicts he initiated for mtribes. We also wrote a help center document to explain how it works in more detail.

We hope this makes it easier to work within your own Tribe of co-workers.


| For more info on mtribes, browse the Help Center, or leave us a message on the chat widget.

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