We've added recurring date and time to our Scenario scheduling to cater for events that occur on a regular basis. This addition will allow for more specific targeting of personalized Experiences and make delivering campaigns more convenient. Recurrences will be served to your audience via our SDKs.

Key features

Schedule toggle

We’ve added a toggle to our Scenario scheduling so you can choose whether your Scenario is served in a single One-off timeframe, or at a Recurring cadence set by you.

Your time settings are automatically saved when you toggle between One-off and Recurring scheduling options.

A total of 5 recurrences per Scenario

Once you’ve toggled Recurring on, you can add up to 5 recurrences to your Scenario. For example, selected Tribes can be served between 6pm and 2am on weeknights, and between 6:30pm and 11pm every Sunday between October and November.

Once published, a Recurring Schedule will only serve your Scenario between Recurrence start and Recurrence end.

Notifications for overlapping recurrences

New notifications alert you to an overlap in recurrences. For example, you’ll be informed if a Next day recurrence overlaps with a Same day recurrence, so that you can correct it.

Relevant documentation

Learn how to set up a recurring schedule for your Scenario.

| For more info on mtribes, browse the Help Center, or leave us a message on the chat widget.

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